A selection of old PC games: only lamplight, soulful games. Different genres: from shooters to strategies, quests and racing simulators Among many gamers there is an opinion that the modern video game industry is now in a deep stagnation. Games are too simple, monotonous and downright boring - empty open worlds, paid content, which give a measured portion of the form of DLC, exorbitantly high system requirements and a lot of bugs.

That's why many fans of computer entertainment go back in time, downloading games that are twenty years old or at least ten years old onto their PCs or laptops.


Rating of the best old computer games

This review will consider the highest quality games of past generations, which are recommended to familiarize even modern gamers, who due to age or excessive busyness have not yet done so. The real hits of the genre, the characters that have already become iconic, and time-tested gameplay that makes you literally stick to your computer desk for dozens of hours are waiting for you.

Half-Life 1 and 2

A brand that needs no introduction, one of the major hits back in the days of the old Valve, who were dragging innovation into the industry rather than sitting on a bag of money from their successful digital store. This series follows the adventures of scientist Gordon Freeman, who had to take a diversion from his research activities to pick up a tire iron and save the world from villains a few times. For the shooters of that time the graphics in Half-Life was advanced, and the physical puzzles with rearranging crates and barrels, switching levers, etc. made the game an all-time hit.

The second part - Half-Life 2, as well as the episodes that came with it, made the game cinematic. Gordon has now acquired a chatty partner who runs around with him throughout most of the story, and has been given a gravity cannon with which there are quite a few interesting physics challenges associated with it. The story stopped at the most interesting point, but many gamers still believe that the story will someday lead up to a logical ending with a third episode or a full third installment.

Max Payne 1 and 2

Max Payne, an experienced police detective, lost his family in a massacre at his home. Now he has no choice but to run through the streets at night and deal with all the perpetrators by illegal means. The storyline is clearly out of the blue and is served up with short comic book inserts, but the gameplay is above all praise. Max is a virtuoso with Bullet Time's mechanics and can effectively slow down time by jumping in John Woo style and shooting a group of enemies before they hit the ground. For the total time of passing both games to do it does not get bored, so beautifully made battle scenes.

The locations in both games are made as diverse as possible - there are skyscrapers with glass elevators, abandoned warehouses with bandits, and hallucinations of nightmares, which the protagonist is forced to regularly reproduce in his head. For example, on one level, the guy runs through bloody lines leading to a room with the bodies of his wife and child. But Max can't count on a happy ending - he just wants to take more enemies with him to the other world, which he successfully does.

Doom 3

It would be worth starting to look at the series with the first dylogy, but it's really outdated and most people probably won't like it anymore. But Doom 3 is a rethinking of the franchise, it will please modern players, because it has a good picture and support for high screen resolutions. This is one of the best first-person shooters with a touch of horror. And you'll be really scared when surrounded by demons that burst out of the infernal portals and invaded the space base on Mars. Fortunately, having the traditional nineties-zero shooter arsenal of nine guns at once, which the hero keeps in his bottomless inventory, completely solves all the problems with the devil.